What Can We Help?

Environmental Protection-The way to save our world

Here are some methods that everyone can use in odor to contribute to fix our environment. By using these information, I hope you can have more understanding on environmental protection.

Save Water

  • Close the tap tightly after you use it.
  • Take shower instead of bath
  • Try to use water recycle system and reuse the water you've been used.
  • Save water, Save life!

Save Electricity

  • Turn off all the light when you get out the room.
  • Unplage electrical divices when you don't need to use them.
  • Try to use solar power or other kinds of renewable resources.
  • Get up and sleep early to use sunlight better.

Save Wood and Paper

  • Reuse printed paper as scrap paper.
  • Try to use less paper in the bath room
  • Try not to use wooden one-time tools (chopsticks)
  • Recycle used paper