Personal Experience

When I first came to my current school, I joined in one of our action group in our school called the green team. Our job is to recycle resources in our school. We believe that in a school, we will waste a lot of resources if we are not recycling. The First thing we were doing is paper collecting. We assumed that paper will be the biggest waste in a school. We made lots of recycle boxes by cardboard and settled them in all the classrooms in the secondary building. All different kind of paper trash can go into the box. Our group meet once a week and our job is to collect all the paper into a huge box and measure and record the weight. We contacted a paper recycle company and they will come to our school and pick up the paper once a week. After a few weeks, we found out that there could be more than 60kg of wasted paper in our school for only one week! We were keep doing this for the entire school year and we had a maximum of 80kg a week! By recycling these resources, we can save lots of wood and slow down the deforestation. This is valuable for the entire human being in term of sustainable development. After the success of the first year, we started to recycle more things. We choose to recycle plastic and aluminum bottles which are also popular items on campus. Our goal is to make our school sustainable and I think we did a great job. (I made an introduction video about resources recycling in my school. You can check it out in the "Video" tag.)

Sientific Knowledge Article

Greenhouse effect is a process, which a planet's atmosphere maintains the temperature on the planet warmer than outside of the atmosphere by keeping the sun radiation in the atmosphere. This process is causing by the radiative active gases, which known as "greenhouse gases", bounce back part of the energy that radiate from the sun to the earth surface and keep the weather warm. The strength of greenhouse effect will depend on how much green house gases are there in the atmosphere and what's the temperature of the atmosphere. However, wow does greenhouse effect matter to our environment? To understand this properly, let's first look at how does this effect affect our life. First of all, when people talk about greenhouse effect, the first thing flow up in their mind should be the atmosphere. Atmosphere contains a lot of green house gases, which can let this effect take place. Thanks to those greenhouse gases, atmosphere not only can maintain the temperature on the earth, but also bounce back a lot of ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Therefore, this effect is actually necessary to support life on earth. It makes the weather and temperature appropriate for all of the organisms living on our earth, without this, creatures can't even survive on earth anymore, as the weather is really hot at day and really cold at night. However, the circumstance changed during the recent decades. As the amount of human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels is keep increasing, more and more greenhouse gases have been released to the atmosphere and gradually caused a series of serious problems. The most obvious and serious problem, which caused by the keep releasing of fossil fuels, is the increase of the amount of greenhouse gases, which can enhance the greenhouse effect that can cause the temperature around the globe increase. This effect is normally known as the "global warming". Global warming is when human activities release too much greenhouse gases and part of them will stay in the atmosphere and enhance the greenhouse effect, which can increase the temperature all over the world. It will cause a lot of problem. Firstly, it can cause a decreasing of the amount of harvest. Scientists predict that in next century, if the temperature is still increasing, people might face an insufficient of food supply. Another problem is the rising of the sea level. All the coastal city could be submerged. Finally, the global warming also can destroy a lot of ecosystem, which can make a lot of animals endangered. For example, the polar bear, which inhabit in Antarctica. As the ice cap is melting, the population of polar bear is keep decreasing and facing extinction. The global warming became obvious from 1980s. Continent's temperature increases two times faster than ocean temperature. After 2000s, many regions all over the world break through the record of the highest temperature at that place. For example, the Grono Town in Switzerland reaches a highest 41.5 degree Celsius, which break through the record since 139 years ago. In U.S., at July 2005, about two hundred cities create new record of the highest temperature. Even though the amount of greenhouse gases releasing can keep at the same level as 2000, the trend of global warming and sea level rising in this century is unchangeable. Some scientists claim that even human don't release any greenhouse gases to the atmosphere in this century, at 2100, the globe will have a 0.5 degree increasing on the average temperature and 10 centimeters rising of the sea level. Fortunately, governments recognize the importance to control the global warming and they begin to work on it. They spend money on help scientist invent more green facilities like electricity cars and renewable resource like ethanol. These inventions can help a lot on the controlling of global warming. Also, the governments use medias to appeal people to protect our environment. Finally, what should we do in odor to protect our environment? Here are some suggestions for people who would like to help our earth. primarily, in odor to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, we can reduce the burning of fossil fuels. The easiest way is to take public transportation like subways and buses. Secondly, we can plant more trees to absorb those greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Finally, save more resources like water and wood and use more renewable resources. By using these methods, the situation could get much better in the future. Greenhouse effect is a positive effect to our earth and it gives us such a beautiful life. Therefore, we should thank our environment and don't let this positive effect become negative.